About Us

About Us

It is our mission at Aurbis to enable companies to attract the best talent by offering premium services and amenities that provide a desirable work-life balance. We achieve this by integrating cutting-edge technology into the built environment for efficient asset operations and a seamless user interface. We are future-facing — our buildings follow the latest trends in commercial real estate and operate on the latest tech infrastructure. Aurbis is a strategic real estate initiative from Avila Capital, a Singapore-headquartered multi-sector fund.


The Aurbis Philosophy

The Aurbis philosophy is based on a deep understanding of the latest real estate trends and our appreciation of the fact that workplaces play a central role in attracting talent and boosting productivity. We build workplaces that help companies develop a competitive advantage with regards to talent draw. Our approach to workplace design aligns with the latest trends in smart building design and technology integration.

The Aurbis Advantage

We at Aurbis take great pride in our team’s domain expertise, collected over decades of experience in the real estate sector. Our business parks leave no stone unturned in equipping workplaces with premium infrastructure and services to expedite growth. Our tech integrations and desirable locations provide you with a competitive advantage in retaining the best talent.

The Aurbis Team

Our leadership comprises professionals in the real estate sector who have deep knowledge of what it takes to build properties that enable business excellence thanks to over 100 man-years of experience. The team is based out of Singapore and India, two of the biggest real estate markets in Asia, and boasts experience in real estate development strategy, leasing operations, residential and commercial real estate development management, technology integration, operations, and asset management.