Managed Offices

Managed Offices

The changing demands of the modern knowledge professional have led to higher expectations from the workplace — accessible locations, efficient operations, abundant amenities to meet work-life balance ambitions, and a high degree of technology interface. To meet these expectations and retain the best talent, companies need to move towards managed office space for lease in Bangalore workplaces that enable productivity by managing all infrastructural needs and employee-engagement requirements. This frees up resources for companies like yours to completely focus on business goals while leaving the process of workplace management to an expert partner.

Managed Offices offer the following benefits:

Shared services

through an economical,
on-demand model

Simplified maintenance

and management of infrastructure

Quick and

easy scalability



As a Managed Offices service provider, Aurbis offers all of these benefits and more. The range of features offered at an Aurbis business park enable workplace efficiency to expedite your business growth, while providing work-life balance to ensure employee satisfaction.
We take the concept of Managed Office space for lease in Richmond Road a step further with:
  • Seamless visitor management system
  • Tech-integrations for easy access to services
  • Rooms for interviews, training sessions, and vendor discussions
  • Concierge desks
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Cafeteria
  • ATM kiosks
  • Training rooms
  • Tech-integrations for easy access to services
  • Third-party services (Insurance, Telephony, Cabs, Restaurants)
  • VC / TP Room
  • Events and engagements
  • Common high-impact reception