Enablement Partners

Enablement Partners

Project description

Each Aurbis business park provides the ideal ecosystem for companies to reach their goals of business excellence. Our partnerships with industry leaders across the spectrum of design, build, and management translate into workplaces offering top-notch facilities and equipment.

HVAC — A world leader in providing quality heating and air-conditioning services since 1913

HVAC — India's leading integrated Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) service provider with
7+ decades of experience

Networking — Maker of
industry-leading connectors, components, cables, and tooling used to transmit data and power

Lighting — Producer of a wide range of LED and conventional lighting products for indoor and
outdoor purposes

Access Control— Provider of comprehensive physical access control solutions to protect your company’s facilities, assets, networks, and
Cloud resources

Electrical — Global specialist in energy management and automation

Workstations and Ergonomic Furniture — Makers of modular and ergonomic office furniture for
modern offices

Carpets — 100-year-old Japanese corporation — among the top 15 flooring manufacturers in the world

Architectural Design — Global design and build firm for award-winning corporate workplaces

Property Management — Leading provider of facility services on a
global scale

ISP — India's largest telecom
services provider

ISP — India’s leading
enabler of connectivity and
communication solutions