The New Tech-Empowered Workplace

by admin
Jan , 7

The emergence of technology applications for real estate — including next-generation building control tech and user applications — is creating truly smart workplaces.

Given the current life expectancy of the global population, the average human will spend at least 100,000 hours in the workplace (out of their total 630,000+ hours on the planet). It’s no wonder then, that the idea of technology that introduces superior levels of efficiency and effectiveness into the workplace is assuming significant importance. From new-age sectors such as knowledge corporations to old-economy practices such as industrial and manufacturing, there now exists the need to build robust technology support to enhance the way buildings behave, and to take care of the health and wellness of their occupants.

To add to this, the stress of modern-day living has led to a greater need for work-life balance — implying that the workplace has to help its occupants squeeze more out of each hour than ever before.

The world is responding well to this requirement. Dozens of buzzwords like asset management, IoT, self-reporting assets, predictive maintenance, and user apps are all targeted at creating a support ecosystem that helps humans get far more productive and effective in their work environments.

These buzzwords aren’t hollow. They are part of the great new revolution in creating smart workplaces that help corporations compete effectively in the digital economy.

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