The Workplace and Talent

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Jan , 7

Now more than ever, the workplace is key to talent attraction and management.

The link between having a great office and the ability to draw talent has been proven. But as the world moves to an unprecedented experiential focus, the concept of having a highly impressive facility is becoming more important than ever.

The majority of the workforce today is comprised of millennials, who have grown up on the concept of instant gratification with very low levels of patience for inefficiency. In this scenario, workplaces need to tick every single box on their aspiration checklist to make it work. Here’s a checklist to keep in mind:

Location: Talent has very specific locational requirements. Today, not many people are willing to travel long distances to get to work. The concept of being able to spend as little time in commute as possible and get home as soon as possible is key. Plus, it is important for the location to be vibrant enough to get them access to a wide range of social infrastructure requirements with ease

Design: Human beings, particularly knowledge professionals, are very sensitive to design. Every little detail, from the look and functionality to smaller aspects such as environmental graphics, comes together to create the design perception. Getting this right from the first glance is non-negotiable

Reliability: The modern work schedule is demanding as it is, and infrastructural failure can only contribute to this. Talent demands that their work facilities be unerring and reliable, with zero downtime

Amenities: Everything that makes life simple  from sports to shopping, dining to relaxation and healthcare needs to be next door and easily accessible. Not a few kilometers away, and not a few hundred meters away

Health: Rising health consciousness implies that workplaces that do not inherently promote healthy living are a strict no-no

Responsibility: Global citizens are now extremely aware of their commitment to sustainability they demand workplaces that assure them that their micro-community reflects a strong commitment to this global cause

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